Achievements 2018


Profitable growth in the core business

The business combined within the Automation Technology Business Unit generated favorable results in the 2018 fiscal year. 2018 was an excellent year for the Machinery Product Line, which focuses on the manufacture of hydraulic systems for press brakes. Both revenues and margins exceeded the targets. The Business Unit expanded business relations in India and prepared the expansion of the distribution network into additional regions, such as the USA and Japan. The Medical & Restraint Systems and Mobility Product Lines also posted solid growth in 2018.



EUR million in sales


ePrAX® modular

A new member of the ePrAX® family was unveiled at Euroblech 2018. ePrAX® modular is a servohydraulic control unit for CNC press brakes. The system integrates all necessary operating and safety functions, resulting in fast commissioning. Its variable-speed technology significantly reduces the drive noise of the press brake and increases energy efficiency. The modular system enables the use of the customer’s cylinders, and the scope of delivery can be freely selected. In 2019, ePrAX® modular will be expanded by another size.

CNC press brake
Belassi jet ski

Belassi jet ski features HOERBIGER technology

“Aggressive, tough, self-confident, elegant, unique in its style” is how Belassi, headquartered in Linz, Austria, describes the Burrasca. The exclusive personal watercraft, which is reminiscent of a souped-up sports car on water thanks to its sporty design and an extremely powerful drive system – distinguished by an unmistakable throaty, aggressive-sounding engine – was very well received during its debut at the “boot 2019” trade show.

One of the most important features of Belassi’s new jet ski is the brake and reverse system, where a reverse flap is driven by a compact electrohydraulic system and pivoted about the drive nozzle. This is done to decelerate or stop the Burrasca by increasing reverse thrust. To activate the reverse system, all it takes is the push of a button and the jet ski can be parked without difficulty.

A second hydraulic system pivots the nozzle of the jet ski vertically up and down, also referred to as trimming in expert circles. This ensures optimal thrust and the jet ski’s optimal position on the water. From the very start, both during the development stage of this customer specific solution and also when it came to supplying the series production, Belassi counted on reliable support from HOERBIGER.

Visibility for xetto®

The Loading Comfort Business Unit grew the sales figures for the xetto® transport and loading system compared to the previous year in a challenging market environment. The xetto® system saw an increase in visibility and recognition as the product’s applications in the market grew. In addition, HOERBIGER expanded its xetto® distributor network in 2018 and received initial major orders from renowned partners such as Jungheinrich™ PROFISHOP.

Since 2018, xetto® has accompanied a motor racing team to product demonstrations and partner events.

Organizational change

Effective February 11, 2019, the Board of Directors and Executive Board of HOERBIGER Holding AG decided to divide the Hydraulics Division into two new, independent divisions: Automation Technology and Hydraulic Comfort Systems.

“With the new organizational structure, we are creating powerful market positions for the Automation Technology and Hydraulic Comfort Systems Divisions to allow us to meet the challenges of the industry environment with greater focus. In addition, we will be able to capitalize on opportunities in the market as a result of short decision-making channels,” said Gerhard Messmer against the backdrop that the Hydraulic Comfort Systems Division, with its Automotive and Loading Comfort Divisions, is facing great challenges.

Gerhard Messmer
Head of the Hydraulics Division until February 10, 2019, most recently Head of the Hydraulic Comfort Systems Division

Key Objectives 2019

Automation Technology Division

To achieve a sustainable trend and strong earnings, the newly formed Automation Technology Business Division plans to grow its strong core business with new products, applications and markets and to deliberately utilize growth opportunities. This comes with an urgent need for investments in all product lines.

HOERBIGER sells automation technology division to HAWE Hydraulik

Hydraulic Comfort Systems Division

The Automotive area focuses especially on the continued development of the leveling system for electrohydraulically raising and lowering car bodies as well as other chassis applications.

In 2019, the Loading Comfort area will continue to expand the xetto® distribution network and focus on new customer groups.